Two Favorite Products to Keep My Tummy Happy

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to eat the right foods or stay away from the not so good for us foods, we need a little extra support.

And, being on dialysis doesn't help either.  When your kidneys don't work,  that, of course, will cause other systems of your body not to
function to their fullest potential.  With all of the processed foods, antibiotics, sugar, yeast, foods with barely any nutrition, our bodies tend
to get over-run with bad bacteria.  We do need some bad bacteria, but in our modern day lifestyles, we tend to have WAY to much.  With
too much bad bacteria and not enough good bacteria, our immune system begins to break down and we also aren't able to absorb the 
nutrition that we are able to get in.  So, when our gut isn't happy, the rest of our body, including our emotions, isn't happy.  To help us
support a good balance between good and bad bacteria, we really need the help of probiotics - good probiotics.

And I have two products that I would love share with you, today.  One, of course, is a Young Living product and one is not.
Life 9 is an amazing probiotic from Young Living that contains over 17 billion live cultures.  I have tried SO many different probiotics
and have not had any that come to close to Life 9.  Nature's Lining is a supplement that contains Zinc LCarnasine and was
recommended to me by my iridologist, to help rebuild the mucous lining of my stomach wall.  It is from Lane's Lab and, after two,
I could definitely tell a difference.

To find out more about these two digestive helpers, check out my Must Have Monday where I share why I use them both.

Please feel free to share this video with anyone that you may know who is need of a little support for a healthy digestive system.

Want to try Nature's Lining?  You can find it at many health food or vitamin shops, or you can also find them on Amazon,
at this link:

Ready to help support not only your digestive system, but your whole body, with the amazing products that Young Living offers?
I would love to help you get started and be your support in this oily adventure, we can do this together.  Visit my site for more 
information, or message me so we can talk.  Join Living The Oil Life

I hope this has helped you, and I hope you keep your tummy happy!

Until next time, Keep Living the Oil Life.

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