Ever wonder what others order from Young Living?

You know how when you find something you love, you just want to share it with others?
And then when you really love something, you want to see what other people like about
it or how they are using it?  Well, that's the case with Young Living and monthly orders.

Five years ago, I fell in love with the essential oils from Young Living which led me to
falling in love with their personal care and supplement line.  So, for the past five years,
I've slowly been switching products that are not so great for me and my family with ones
from Young Living.

To make it easy for me, Young Living has the Essential Rewards program.  This is where
you can order the products that you need and the products that you want to try at a
discounted shipping rate as well as earn points that you can use toward free product, plus
depending on how much you purchase, you can earn free oils monthly.  Talk about win/win.
Not only do you end up saving money, but you also help you and your family stay away from
products filled with things that can harm us more than help us.

So, each month since about my third month in with Young Living, I've been ordering my products
via my Essential Rewards program and love every month.  It's like a mini birthday party, but you
don't have to worry about returning any gifts you really don't like.  And like gifts, I like to not only
share what I get each month, but I like to see what others get also.

So, I thought I would share with you what I got in my August monthly rewards via my newest
YouTube video.  The funny thing is I didn't get any of the free oils this month, and when you
watch the video, you will see why.

Connect with me, because I would love to see what you order from Young Living every month.

And if you aren't part of the Young Living family yet and are looking for someone to help you
learn and grow, I would love to be that person.  Just message me and we can get you started.

Hope you enjoyed the video.  Until next time, Keep Living The Oil Life.

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Two Favorite Products to Keep My Tummy Happy

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to eat the right foods or stay away from the not so good for us foods, we need a little extra support.

And, being on dialysis doesn't help either.  When your kidneys don't work,  that, of course, will cause other systems of your body not to
function to their fullest potential.  With all of the processed foods, antibiotics, sugar, yeast, foods with barely any nutrition, our bodies tend
to get over-run with bad bacteria.  We do need some bad bacteria, but in our modern day lifestyles, we tend to have WAY to much.  With
too much bad bacteria and not enough good bacteria, our immune system begins to break down and we also aren't able to absorb the 
nutrition that we are able to get in.  So, when our gut isn't happy, the rest of our body, including our emotions, isn't happy.  To help us
support a good balance between good and bad bacteria, we really need the help of probiotics - good probiotics.

And I have two products that I would love share with you, today.  One, of course, is a Young Living product and one is not.
Life 9 is an amazing probiotic from Young Living that contains over 17 billion live cultures.  I have tried SO many different probiotics
and have not had any that come to close to Life 9.  Nature's Lining is a supplement that contains Zinc LCarnasine and was
recommended to me by my iridologist, to help rebuild the mucous lining of my stomach wall.  It is from Lane's Lab and, after two,
I could definitely tell a difference.

To find out more about these two digestive helpers, check out my Must Have Monday where I share why I use them both.

Please feel free to share this video with anyone that you may know who is need of a little support for a healthy digestive system.

Want to try Nature's Lining?  You can find it at many health food or vitamin shops, or you can also find them on Amazon,
at this link:  https://amzn.to/2B0DDpR.

Ready to help support not only your digestive system, but your whole body, with the amazing products that Young Living offers?
I would love to help you get started and be your support in this oily adventure, we can do this together.  Visit my site for more 
information, or message me so we can talk.  Join Living The Oil Life

I hope this has helped you, and I hope you keep your tummy happy!

Until next time, Keep Living the Oil Life.

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ABCs of Young Living in 123 - Ep. A1- Featuring: Abundance, Acceptance, Angelica & AromaEase

"I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW YOUNG LIVING HAD AN OIL LIKE THAT" Have you ever heard those words when you've been sharing oils with others?  This happens to me quite often, so I thought this would be a great series for YouTube.  For each episode, we will be exploring the oil and oils blends of YL alphabetically and give you some 1-2-3 info to help you discover oils you may have not even known about.

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to message me.  I would love to help you.EPISODE A1 features ABUNDANCE, ACCEPTANCE, ANGELICA & AROMAEASE.  Watch the video to see which are single oils and which are oil blends, and what oils are contained in the blends.  Please feel free to share this video, and the others in the Playlist, so we can spread the oily love.

Until next time...Keep Living The Oil Life

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When Life Throws You a Lemon - Yes there's an oil for that.

Well, we all have those seasons don't we - - those time in life where things just aren't going as we expected.  

When life decides, you know what, you don't have enough going on, so let's just throw an extra lemon or two in there.

Well, that's what's happened to me these past several months, and seeing that December was the last time I've blogged on here, makes it even more evident to me.  But, life goes on. Sometimes, you have to take a step back, rearrange some priorities, rest a little, and regroup and continue to march on.

But during those lemon-filled seasons, there are essential oils that can benefit, and I wanted to share some of those with you in a fun little way.  We know that laughter is often the best medicine, so take a look at this Must Have Monday video and get a few ideas on what oils might be best for you.

Until next time, blessings and keep Living The Oil Life!

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December 2016 Young Living Monthly Promotions - Who doesn't love FREE products

One of my favorite things about Young Living is our monthly promotions. As a wholesale member or retail customer, each month we have the opportunity to earn FREE product when we purchase a certain amount of PV in a single order.   On top of that, if we are Essential Rewards members, we qualify to earn Essential Rewards Exclusive FREE oils.  Not sure what Essential Rewards is, it's an amazing and flexible monthly ordering program that not only qualifies you for the monthly ER exclusive free oils, but helps you to earn points each month that can be used toward future products. You can learn more about ER (Essential Rewards) by clicking here:   What Is Essential Rewards


100 PV - This is an Essential Rewards Exclusive

  • If you order at least 100PV through the Essential Rewards Program in December, you will receive a FREE 5 ml Tea Tree oil.

190 PV

  • 5ml Orange Vitality
  • 5ml Nutmeg – Essential Rewards Exclusive
  • 5ml Tea Tree – Essential Rewards Exclusive


  • NingXia Nitro
  • 5ml Orange Vitality
  • 5ml Nutmeg – Essential Rewards Exclusive
  • 5ml Tea Tree – Essential Rewards Exclusive


  • 5ml Excite – Promo Exclusive! Not available in the regular catalog!
  • 15ml Abundance
  • NingXia Nitro
  • 5ml Orange Vitality
  • 5ml Nutmeg – Essential Rewards Exclusive
  • 5ml Tea Tree – Essential Rewards Exclusive


If you aren’t Living The Oil Life yet but are ready to, there is also an ENROLLMENT PROMOTION for December!! If you are new to Young Living and enroll with a Premium Starter Kit from November 1 – December 31, you will receive a FREE 5ml bottle of Christmas Spirit!! Definitely a favorite for not only the holiday but all year long! Follow the link or message me for more details.

Whatever you may ordering this month, don’t forget to place your order early to receive it by Christmas. Praying that you and your family have a holiday filled with wonder and awe.

*Disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Statements, products, and techniques mentioned have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Do we really use essential oils every day? Join our Zoom Class to find out.

Those of us who have been using essential oils for even a little bit of time usually get asked, "Do you really use oils every day?"

I can emphatically say YES!  I use my oils every day, several times a day, at night, every chance I get.

Have you just started using oils and want to learn a few tips or tricks for use them every day?

Do you have some cool ways that you use oils and want to share those stories with others?

Do you have a few friends that want to learn, but you haven't been able to sit with them?

Or, are you still trying to decide if you really want to start Living The Oil Life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, watch this quick video and then plan to join us to learn more about Everyday Living with Everyday Oils

Everyday Living with Everyday Oils ZOOM invite from Natalie Brookhart on Vimeo.

You can join us via video from your laptop, desktop or smart phone http://bit.ly/LTOLZoomClass8-29-16

or via audio on your phone Dial: +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll)     Meeting ID: 259 359 5892

If you have any questions - don't hesitate to ask and, if you can't make it, be on the lookout for the video replay.

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The School Bell is Ringing. Is your family ready?

It's that time of year again.

Back to school clothes are hanging in the closets.  The lunch boxes are patiently waiting to be filled.  And, the smell of new school supplies fills the air.

Your kids are ready, but are they really?  Did you know that essential oils can help kids, and parents, have a successful school year?

We recently did a Facebook Class talking about the different ways that using oils throughout their day can help them be the best that they can be.  From a good night's sleep, to good breakfast and lunch ideas, to help with homework, we covered lots of great information.  Here are just a couple of slides from that class.  




It was some great information, and If you would like to view it in it's entirety just click on the FB Banner pic below.

Realize you aren't fully prepared yet?  Don't worry, we can help.

Did you know that the Young Living Premium Starter Kit has 11 oils in it that can help jump start your school year? 


Peppermint Vitality to help with the morning wake up calls or afternoon slumps

Lemon Vitality for a refreshing immune support

Frankincense to help with homework help and confidence boosting

Lavender for a calming aroma after a rough day

PanAway for those overly active athletes and PE lovers.

These are just a few of the ways that the Premium Starter Kit is must to check off of your Back To School Supply List.  And inside your Premium Starter Kit, you not only have 11 amazing oils, you also receive samples of the amazing antioxidant superfood drink, NingXia Red, sample sachets of oils to share with friends, small empty glass bottles to use for traveling or sharing, and everything you need to help get you started on your oil journey.

And, if you are ready to get started before August 31st, 

Young Living would like to gift you a FREE 15ml bottle of Cedarwood essential oil.

Cedarwood is is one of my main staples that I use not only for my skin and hair but also to help me have a really good night's sleep.  This gift is a $14.80 retail value and will be yours free if you enroll with Young Living before August 31st with one of the Premium Starter Kits.  That helps you earn an A+ in school prep.

So, when you're ready to finish off that school supply list and receive your free gift, just go to  LivingTheOilLife.Com to enroll with your Premium Starter Kit or contact me, and I would love to help you get enrolled.  

I hope you and your family has a wonderful start to your school year!

Keep Living The Oil Life,

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Tired Tootsies Foot Soak

Have you ever had one of those days? You know - - the kind of day where you are so exhausted that you can't even feel you're exhausted? And, if you aren't careful and don't take care of yourself, you may just end up knocking yourself out of the race for a few laps.

Well, recently I had one of those days. Or, should I say week. You see, we have been doing a ton of moving, rearranging, painting and cleaning in our children's ministry. And, we aren't finished yet. We are slowing down and the big physical stuff is almost through, but we still have a bit to finish. Now, I am not in tip top shape and, to be quite honest, have been facing some health issues that have kept me from being the push-my-limits type of person that I can be when I need to be. Plus, I can't imagine how those who are in great shape and doing 100% more than I am are actually still walking. I'm pooped. But, after my Tired Tootsies Foot Soak, I was much better and was ready to do a little decor/prop shopping before heading back to the church for more work before spending time with some amazing kids.

I love my oils and I love to try all kinds of different recipes when it comes to foot soaks. Because I really want to be sure I stayed in the race I decided to use Young Living Thieves and Rosemary essential oils.

THIEVES is an amazing blend of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary essential oils. It is a definite staple in my oil cabinet and helps promote a healthy immune response, and may support overall wellness, and I love the strong cinnamon aroma it has to it. Along with supporting my natural defensese and the cleansing abilities of Lemon oil, the Eucalyptus Radiata was perfect for helping to relax my exhausted muscles.

Although Thieves oil blend contains ROSEMARY essential oil, I like to add a few extra drops because it is of my very favorite aromas. Most of the time, Rosemary oil can promote and energizing atmosphere. However, at just the right time, it can also have a very relaxing aroma that helps an overactive mind unwind. And, this was just the right time. On top of that, Rosemary is also beneficial to the skin (and hair). Many times I will run some Rosemary and Cedarwood oil through my wet hair before blowdrying.

Adding approximately 4 to 5 drops each of Thieves & Rosemary to about a 1/2 cup of EPSOM SALT  was perfect. Epsom salt is wonderful as a mild detoxifier, can sooth achy feet or muscles, and help to soften rough skin. To help the oils saturate into the salt, I like to mix them together and let them blend together for about 20 minutes before using.

Now, what's that bottle in the Mason jar, you may be wondering. Well, I found that if you make a little fizzie bottle bomb of the salt mixture and drop it in your foot soak or bath just when the aroma of the oils is beginning to fade, it will release a little more oil. This helps to make your soak or bath last a little bit longer. Here is a little DIY video I did explaining it.

20 minutes soaking in my Tired Tootsies Foot Soak and I was ready for a good night's sleep and ready to face another few laps in the race.

What are some of your favorite oils to use in a foot soak? Comment below and share them with us. I always love to try new recipes, and I'm sure I'm going to be needing another soak very soon.

Until next time, keep Living The Oil Life.


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A Little Tummy Trouble Got My Oily Journey Started

Welcome to my little corner of the web, and thank you for stopping by.

I often get asked, "How did you get introduced to oils?"  It's one of my favorite things to talk about, because it totally rocked my world.

First a little back story, I'm on dialysis (have been for on and off 23 years but more about that in another post).  With dialysis, you often experience many unpleasant issues, one of those being a little tummy trouble when you over-indulge in some of your favorite foods.  Usually, when this happens, one of two things happen, neither of which are pleasant.  One, I usually end up getting terribly sick.  Or, two, I usually have to leave wherever I may be and go lie down or suffer somewhere out of sight, as to not be visible for any pity-partyers.

So, fast forward to three years ago, to a night that changed my life. I was at a dear friends home, and we were celebrating some type of holiday.  I don't remember which one, only because we celebrated a lot at her house, and they tend to run together when I think about it. Well, my dear friend always makes sure that we are very well fed and the spread she provides is always amazing. This night was no different. I ate and visited, ate and played a game, ate and played with the kids, and ate some more. Well, needless to say, my tummy, although very satisfied with all the amazing food, started to be very disagreeable. I was feeling extremely nauseous and knew that I was on a quick downhill run for having to end my party time. That's when my wonderful hostess (who knew me and my tummy troubles very well) said that she had something that she wanted me to try - something that might really help me.

She then gave me this little brown bottle of liquid and said, "Rub a few drops in your hand, inhale it deeply and then rub it on your stomach."  Well, you can imagine the look on my face when I said, "What?! Rub it ON my stomach?"  "Trust me," she said.  So trust I did....I rubbed a few drops in my hands, inhaled deeply and...."eeeewww, it smells like black licorice" I winced.  She laughed and again said, "Trust me, just rub it on your stomach."  So, I hesitantly did was she said and then went and sat down to finish a movie we were watching, expecting to have to leave because my tummy was ready to go.  BUT, to my surprise, within not even 10 minutes the pain and nauseousness was COMPLETELY gone.  I mean completely.  And, I was able to start enjoying that amazing spread of hers again.

DiGize & DiGize Vitality

So, what was that little brown bottle of amazing liquid?  DiGize Essential Oil from Young Living.  And since about two weeks after that night, I have not gone without it.  I keep a couple of bottles at home, so I never run out.  And, I keep a smaller bottle with me at all times for those moments when my tummy decides it wants to try and pick a fight, or in case someone I am with may need a little help.  DiGize Essential Oil is an amazing blend of Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Lemongrass, Anise, and Patchouli oils that create a unique spicy aroma that is very close to black licorice.  

As a topical/aromatic oil Digize can be applied directly to the chest, writs or abdomen to help calm an upset stomach or it can be diffused in the office, at home or in the car to promote a relaxing and calm atmosphere.  And, if you're like me and sometimes need that little extra support, there is also Di-Gize Vitality oil.  The same amazing oil blend offered as a supplement in which you can add a few drops to a capsule, water or juice to help support a healthy digestive system.  And it's safe to use with your children and pets.

I'm so thankful for DiGize essential oil blend for keeping my tummy happy and for my dear friend, Minita, for caring enough to share her oils with me that changed my life.  If you're ready to begin using essential oils in your family's everyday wellness support, I would love to not only help you get started but walk alongside you in your journey towards wellness, purpose and abundance.  I would love for you to message me or visit LivingTheOilLife.Com for more information.

Thanks for stopping by, and until next time, keep the Living The Oil Life.

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